Round Trampoline

This is the most common shape of trampoline for Non-commercial use at Home. More than 90% trampolines in this world are round shaped trampolines. Round trampolines are very recreational and lots of fun. Lots of novice bouncers always start off with round trampolines, they're easy to produce and involves less manufacturing cost, still provides best in class stability & safety. Round trampoline bounces are different from rectangle trampolines because of the center gravity point. Anytime when there is tension on the mat, all the springs will stretch and pull, gravitating the jumper back to the center. Round Trampolines comes in primarily 2 types i.e. Mini-Exercise and Big-Fun Trampolines.

Round Trampoline Sizes

  Mini-Exercise trampolines

    38 Inches              40 Inches              48 Inches             54 Inches              60 Inches

  Big-Fun trampolines

      8 Feet                   10 Feet                 12 Feet                 14 Feet